Nov 23, 2011

New fan trailer

Check it out! A fan "trailer" for KK "movie."


Anonymous Cotom said...

Cool ridley! I'll check it out right now! :D
P.S. There has been a case of Identity Theft at busy. Plz don't use my name!

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting... Who stole it????

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Idk look at busy. Some poser used my name.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You didnt just post and forget?

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

That video was pretty cool! I'm so glad you're posting.
Cotom- That's weird. I wonder why someone would do that.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Kitcat said...

Ridley, awesome video! The irony is that if only has like 9 views and they don't know that one of them was you! XD.
@ Cotom: I have a pretty good idea who and why. Read Busy again. See what I wrote.

This has happened before. We have to stop it now before it gets bigger. I believe panda might have already
dealt with him in the past. This was during what I call the last generation of bloggers such as epicenter, kingdom keepers rock, Allie Disneygirl, Charlene 1, Jess' # 1 Fan!, Amanda Nash, Philitup, and Maybeck 64. I was looking to see the most recent post besides busy you guys were posting, when I found and read this entire situation with imposters. Kinda unsettling, but they put a stop to it. Apparently he's back or we're dealing with a new one.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Kitcat said...

Yea, I just double checked the archives. It all happened on the post "Come Sailing!" and none of us were there I think. I also forgot to mention willatree. She was there too.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

@BT- No, I didn't forget ;) I didnt post that at all.
@Kitcat- I agree. We need to stop it before it gets bigger. I really hope this doesn't keep happening. I kno there was a case of this before but I'm pretty ticked at the fact that someone would do that. Have some class people.
@Pepper- Yeah idk why someone would do tht too....

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Kitcat said...

Switching subjects: I saw the movie site. I'm seriously confused!!!
@ Ridley: Did you know of any movie called 'Magic Kingdom'? It sounds like a huge rip off of KK 1 and it claims to be based off it like a Night at the Museum movie, and coming out in 2013?!

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Phoenix said...

Cotom is a horrible people drawer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

@Kitcat- I agree! I was so confused! Mind clearing that up Ridley?
@Phoenix- I KNO!!!!!! Stop tellin it to the world!!!!
Phoenix: Well it's true!!!!!!!!!

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

imposter wasnt me, but i think you guys are funny xD
OMG OMG OMG OMMMMGGGG i remember the imposter being mentioned, and i MAY have been there... but i remember everyone on that list! WOO! i saw the new imposter...



But we love the haterzzz....

Lolo so i made a Dynamite Parody that im gonna post later...I just need to figure out ALL the lyrics to it.


3:08 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Haters gonna hate...
Ahhh well i took a break from trying-
Phoenix: Keyword here trying.
Cotom: draw people and ive randomly started drawing DP chibis....funny stuff like Danny running into a tree and such
My chibis are too simple. They're only really good for one panel funny comics and such......

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm... well, I've been busy. Hey.:)

Wednesday's my birthday. And I have nothing 2 talk about.

Princesa Jéssi... who just found out if i copy and paste that é thingy from that typy thingy i use 4 reports, it'll show up like é and not like e :).

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wooooooottttt all but amme and ninja r here o.o D'X

~panda :D

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Haha ur right panda! Where are they!? D:
Ahhh well me and my dad are setting up my new computer. Expect pics hopefully up tomorrow! :D
Eeeeek! I'm so excited!

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Verfication word: Zooking
The king of the zoo?

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh kayyyy :DDDDD
O_O OOOOHHEMMMGEEE guys we was driving to pizza hut and I saw the marble slab creamery!?!?!?!? I was like wtf isnt that from kk?? :O xD


5:32 PM  
Anonymous Kitcat said...

Princesa Jessi! We missed yooooouuuuuuu!!!! Yea, I've been SUPER busy too!!! P.S. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Here's a lollipop! @---- *virtually hands a really, really big one!*
@ Amme & Ninja: Hello?????? Hello????????? WHERE ARE YOU GUYS????????????? ESPECIALLY AMME!!!!

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm... that's weird. They'll probably come back. Thanks 4 the lolipop. :)

My math teacher's room is always cold. And she seems 2 h8 children. And she doesnt eat junk food or go 2 football games or anything.

Okaaaaaayyyy, so anyway, a while ago i said i miss toon disney. Well, I'm glad there's youtube. :)

I started making my Christmas list 2day. I have a feeling my mom's gonna laugh. Cause it says stuff like'Chickfila gift card' followed by iPad. And oh yeah, I'm going 2 church in a Chili's tshirt.


Princesa J.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's that Marble Slab place, cause i know somewhere with a really close name i think. Was it near steak'n'shake and smokey bones? Oh. Wait, thats here. Oh well.


Princesa J.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

@Jessi-Lol I once went to church in a tie dye Perry shirt and ripped jeans :P I was....tired... But I miss toon Disney too! I loved that channel!
They always cancel the good shows. Thank Goodness P+F is so popular!
Phoenix has been really annoying me. I don't really think I'm gonna do Cotom/Phoenix for my account name. I'm thinking Co-tum or something.
Phoenix: Pshhht that's just an excuse not to draw me cause ur having a hard time.
Cotom: =.=' no comment.
Anyway, I'll comment on Ammes DA page as soon as I can!
Ahhhhhh I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! XDDDD

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Anyway Mal's been ignoring me.... Idk what I did, but shes mad... Why are all my oc's tempramental?

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

Hey guys. I'm finishing the details of the next part of seas w/ nemo. Should be on soon.
Jessi- your back! Yay! And happy birthday!
Panda- there used to be a marble slab by my house. It was knida expensive.
Cotom- can't wait to see your art. Make sure you post the name you decide on.

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah i agree... POST THE NAME COTOM! XD
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :DDDD

my toontown account is no longer banned. ._. :D XD


6:45 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

@Panda- Yay!!! No longer banned :D
@Pepper&Panda- lol I will!!!! But they forgot to send us a certain cable so my dads at the store =.= hopefully I can create it tommorow but it's thanksgiving so.....idk....
But!!!! Expect it before this week is over!!!!!!! :DDDD
Happy early birthday Jessi!!!!!!!!
We have a new blogger! MaddyMayzie! She seems pretty cool so hopefully we'll be seeing her! :D
I thought DGirl wod be back already.... :(
*sniffle* I miss my Internet Michigan Bestie Birthday I.M.B.B.B. or my....... Imbbb? Idk I gotta work on my acronyms......
Cookies if you know who said tht line! ;D

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Cotom is bored -_- said...

Hello? Anyone? Blah taking a break from drawin dragons and a certain semi-aquatic mammal.......
Oh, and outlining my Perry and Cujo comics xP
Why can't pics outline themselves!?
Derp. XP
Gots a headache. But I also gotta finish!
Haha outlining a Julio/Juliette pic. Julio gets caught in his own hunting trap! Loooool it's always fun to dangle Julio from his ankle upside-down.
Danny running into a tree. Always funny. Funnier in chibi......
Phoenix thinks my necklace is cursed....she's freaking out.... -.-

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Doofenshmirtz!
Btvinyl master Sensai doughnut ninja!

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Yay!!!!! BTvinyl you get cookies!!!!! Lots and lots of cookies!!!! ;DD

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might know maddymazie... I told my friend from az to come blog on busy busy busy o_o :D MAYBE IT'S CLARE!! :DDD


9:10 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Happy real b-day Jessi! I want cookies:) (hint,hint) ;)

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Hehe ;P
Cookies for you DGirl!!!!!!!! *throws cookies*

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sister's making me watch judy moody. It looks stupid. Any1 else seen it?

Princesa Jéssi

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Kitcat said...

Hey! Anybody up still? No? Oh, thought so...anyways I'm headin for MK 2moro so if any one has any ideas or puzzles or mysteries or questions of any kind you'd like me to explore/answer/investigate then post it and I'll see if I can check it out! tired...comfy hotel bed calling...KK 1 ride list...calling louder....must go now. G'NITE! And HAPPY T-DAY!!!!!!

11:41 PM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

Okay, I have officially have fallen in love with this website. You guys are so funny! Also I live on the west coast so I may be a little slow with responses.

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hola! Im from the great state of texas! On par with the post time sooooooooo yeah... Welcome! Btw I'm the master sensai of the doughnut ninjas! Basically I'm the king of pastry filled ninjas... Basically all the average posters are doughnut ninjas. You could join my clan of not so secretive pastry filled ninjas if u want. '-' OH BUT ALL BAGELS ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!!
Also if you're nice to mal she might be nice to you!
Mal: Blah.
Bt: She doesn't like people...

1:13 AM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

Who's Mal?

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Cotom the pirate doughnut ninjja dragon rider said...

Lol Mal is BTvinyls OC. (original character) he can tell you about her bc I don't want to mess her bio up! XP lol
Anyways we all kinda created OCs that pop into our posts every now and then.
Phoenix: Like me!!!!!!!!!! 8D
Cotom: -_- her.....that's Phoenix....she my super annoying alter ego OC that's obsessed with Fanfiction......
Phoenix: Aawwwwwwww Cotom!!! You left out the good parts! I'm a girl with fire powers who lives in this dimension but is really supposed to be from this other dimension. I'm here to fight all the demons and baddies that come into your dimension. So I'm like an undercover secret agent :DDD that controls the element of fire :DDDDDD
And I'm extremely awesome!!!!!!!
Cotom:....I wouldn't say extremely.....
Phoenix: Well I think I am....
Cotom: Well no one cares what you think!
Phoenix: >:P
Cotom: -.-....anyway! I have tons of other OCs but Phienix is the only one that insists on being annoying. Besides Julio who sonetimes pops in here, and Juliette. Julio us my annoyed cranky Nina dragon made of sprinkles. He's part if BTvinyl's doughnut ninja clan. And Juliette's a warrior ninja dragon p of few words. She's a really tough no-nonsense awesome fighter with an extremely tragic past! Ask my other buddies, it's a really sad past. ;P
Anyway...yupppers! You can make an OC if you want! He/she/it can be anything! They can be really fun to make! And draw!
Ahhh well it's nice to see that you'll be stickin around MaddyMayzie! ;D

7:36 AM  
Anonymous A super excited some-what hyper Kitcat!!!!! said...

Thanks for the compliments MaddyMayzie!!! ;D I hope you'll stay for a while! I have an OC (well 2) but they are MUCH more dormant than everyone elses'...
Anyway, (ha ha they are still asleep!) I'm heading out to MK 2DAY!!!!!!! 8D;D 8D ;D 8D ;D 8D ;D 8D !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So anyone got anything???????????? Please let me know! (yes, yes, I AM very persistent) In other news....

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Lol I forgot that Kitty!
Lol my dad wanted to go down to the thanksgiving day parade today. But no one else wanted to go.....
Ahh well u ever go there DGirl?
And no, I can't think of anything else,....

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happay Turkay Dayyyyy :D
yea I like big finish o_o xD
BT and I live in the same state: TEXAS! I just moved here from Arizona, and I think I am the most frequent blogger that's been on here. I've been on since about 2008/2009, which counts me (and a blogger that comes back a few times a month) as the blogger that's been on (and stuck with) Wild Ride for the longest time. FIGURES, since im youngest in age(ten o_e). My toontown account has been hacked twice, I love Poptropica and Adventure Time because it's SO mathematical!(kudos to you if you know what that means! XD) I am insane artist/author, and all of us are writing a FanFiction together, as described in other posts. It is about all of us having a 'blackout' (crossing over without warning) and Wayne tells us we must fight the Overtakers and solve a riddle with similarities to Walt's First Pen, but it is Mrs. Peter's Pen. The riddle is featured in the second chapter, and I, as a young author and editor, have been assigned the honor of writing most of it and posting it here. I love doing these things, writing and editing, because it gives you a chance to impress your readers with your editing skills, as well as your creative ability to change minor details into major events or plotpoints in the story. Anyways, we have to find the pieces of the pen, find a documented hidden paper, use the pen to reveal what's on the document,(I know, SO KK1) and on the document is the location where Mickey Mouse is held. It's gonna be long, considering we're on chapter 37 and we haven't found any pieces yet. Well, we need to look for hidden letters as well without the 3D thing. Lolz and BT and Peppermint are...erm...lovey o_o hey but what's a good story without romance? LOL otay now OCs always disappear, so now I have Chris AGAIN, and his full name I forgot so now he's gonna be Christopher Crudface. Loool and his initials are CC which is why his nickname is cici. Omg im rambling ._. well byes and happy Turkey Day!


9:00 AM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

Okay, that makes sense.

I have tragic news.
The cast list to our school production of Disney's Sleeping Beauty has been emailed to me. When I found out my part, I was kinda happy-ish.
They had cast me as Maleficent.
You guys won't kick me out right? I mean I just go here!

9:26 AM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

My bio:
I haven't been in too long. I do love it here though. I love to read especially KK (duh). I live in Michigan along with Cotom. My OC is Jewl. She's about 11. (same age as me) She thinks she's the greatest person who ever walked the earth, and she's also got a bit of an attitude. Her and Phoenix are great friends. Next time you go into a Walmart you might want to be careful cause they like to annoy people around there.
Jewl: That's the truth!! It's really fun!! You might want to try it sometime!
Well..... I'm rambling so everyone have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Don't forget to stuff yourself with pie pie like Kitcat said!!! Especially pie!!

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Lol of course not ;P that's awesome MaddyMayzie!!!!!!!! Yay!
Blahhhhh I'll give a quick bio:
Blah I'm like the extreme optimist on here and I try to look on the bright side of everything. I'm 14 and I joine this blog in June. I live in Michigan with DGirl! And me and DGirl have the same b-day! (Feb 6) and I'm an artist that sometimes writes if she's in the mood. I'm a cartoonist that can't draw people for crap. I LOVE Phineas and Ferb! My favorite cartoon characters are, Perry the Platypus, Ducky Momo, Toothless the dragon, Danielle Phantom (Dani), and the Orange Bird!!!!! Lol Ahh well, I have an overeactive imagination which is probably why you'll see my OCs a lot. Speaking of which, Julio!!!!!!! Say hi to our new buddy!!!!!
Julio: Why?
Cotom: Cause she's awesome!!!!
Julio: >:P I don't feel like it!!!
Cotom: I don't care!
Julio: Fine, whatever, Hi MayzieMaddy. There. Happy?
Cotom: No! You spelled her name wrong!!!
Julio: whatever.
Cotom: Pshht don't mind him he's just cranky -.-

9:37 AM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

NOOO!! We would never kick you out!! I mean, have you seen Mal????? She's the coolest!! She is just a teenage Maleficent. But, you should talk to BT cause that's my understanding but........
Oh, I meant to write pie and not pie pie. STUPID TYPOS!!!!!!!


Oh, MaddyMazie you should talk to Cotom about that. It's an inside joke. Let her tell you.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Lol yeah....
:'( Poor straw

NOOOO STRAW?! Why why why!??? D'X


Ok so I forgot to mention this but I love to draw dragons! They're like my trademark!!!!

Oh, and I can draw really simple chibi people but they're really bad xP

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i looked her up on google images! SO OBVIOUS... ive never seen the show tho... .-. xDDDDDDD ill have to sometime.
So does anyone besides my sister watch Supernatural? Anyone? ._. xD


10:14 AM  
Anonymous Kitcat said...

Hey! I'm off to MK! Quick bio: I am older than Dgirl but younger than Cotom, soooo....that gives you two ages!!! Ha ha, yea according to my computer teacher I can't give my age so you'll just have to guess. I too came around in like...oh I dunno...April? May? There were a bunch of different people here back then. For a while I went as Anonymous then I signed it 'Kitcat' and well, it kinda stuck. I am a writer. I can go on and on and on and on! You'll know something's up if my post is only a couple of lines long. I, like many here, am VERY creative and always on the look out for fantastical adventures. Which happens to be my favorite genre of books which is what brought mr here. For a long time I had always HEARD about Kingdom Keepers and saw the Disney 365 interviews. One day, while browsing through Barnes&Noble, I saw KK3 as advertised on Disney 365. I became intrigued by the cover art and read the back. I didn't understand, so I saw there was a first book, so I picked that up and read the back. My intrigue heightened and I picked it up and read the first chapter, then the second, the third, fourth and decided: I WANT to read this!!! I did and I fell in love. I then read the second and the third, and searched 'Ridley Pearson' on google because you see, I originally read Peter & the Starcatchers and fell in love with that and recognized that Ridley was one of the authors of it, so I had hopes. I stumbled across '' and saw the blog link. I clicked it, read several posts, learning the nature of the site and became a part of the family. Outside the blog, I spend my time singing, acting, sketching, writing, and reading. I loooooooovvvvved Disney when I was little and have never stopped loving it! So yea, I guess this wasn't 'quick'. Well. I gotta go, so wish me luck! Byeeeeeeeeee!

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

@Panda- lol xD yeah. I rarely watch the show cause my computers been busted and I don't really have a way of watching it. Except YouTube but those are never good quality. Lol yeah she's pretty awesome.....
I recently rediscovered it. I loved it when I was little but no one else in my family liked te show or nickalodeon period so then just forgot about it. But I was bored one day and decided to look up old tv shows. I read the wiki and character bios and such. Lol then I fell in love with the fanfiction fandom. Lol ahhhh well. They ruin all the good shows. The last episode sucked. And I dont usually use that word.....
@Kitty- Hope ur havin a great time!!!! Didja check out any of the rides yet?
I discovered kk after my bro bought book 1. It was laying on his bed so I picks it up and started reading. At first I couldnt get into it then after a while I went back and just kept reading. And by the time I finished I was tellin my mom we need I go I the bookstore so I can get 2 and 3! Lol I even went on wiki for number two cause I couldn't wait!
Lol so now I'm the kk nut and my bro still hasn't finished number 2..... 8D
Ok, people in my bros class are reading kk2 before they read kk1! You can't do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh I keep tellin my bro to tell them that but they still keep reading number 2 first!!!!! Ugh!!!!! What is wrong with people?!?!?!

10:50 AM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Cotom: you still have to explain about the straw to MaddyMazie!!
Kitcat: Have fun in MK!! Ride all the rides for me!

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Oh yeah! Lol!
MaddyMayzie- Ok, so, a while back, like, in Feburary...or maybe even January...idk but we had a half day do me and my two friends had to go with my mom to Costco. Which was fine cause they have a food court and AMAZING pizza do as we were eating, my two buds started hittin all these straws out from the little straw dispenser cause it was one of those fun ones. Lol by the end we each had like, ten straws. So then we roamed the store sticking straws everywhere! Lol my one friend kept sticking his straws in the food boxes and flower displays. Lol so finally, we only had one straw left so my other friend took it and he put it in the fire extinguisher!!!!!!!!!! Lol he slipped it in that little strap that holds it to the wall!!! Lol so about a month later, I came back and the straw was still there!!!!!!!!!! And every time one of us went back, it was still there!!!!!!!! Lol it was do funny! But ten, in October, I discovered that the straw was gone.. :'( after about 9-10 months, the straw passed away.... :'(
Why straw?!? Why!? D'X
So that's the story of the straw!!!!!

11:15 AM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

Oh that's cute. I once did something similar to that, but bit was with a half-eaten cliff bar

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Lol! XD
Ahhhh well so this is it for me till later! I'm goon to my nana's for thanksgiving dinner. We're Having ribs!!! Lol yeah instead of turkey, ribs. Ahhh well no computer or wifi at her house so yea.......
Eh, it'll be a good time to finish some pics.
No, idiot have DeviantArt yet. -.- its takin a while to transfer all our data, recreate playlists, and download software. Hopefully tomorrow! :D
See you all later!!!!! :)

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Cotom and her derpin typos said...

That's wasn't supposed to be idiot! Lol that was supposed to be I don't! Lol autocorrect,.....
Derp. Sorry bout that!

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

Hey MaddyMazie! It's peppermint! Welcome to the family. Here's a bio of me: I'm Peppermint but my nickname is Pepper. I'm blonde with sidebangs. I'm 14. I live in Florida. I have an OC that rarely shows up. His name is Casper and he's a fox. He has a story but I don't know where it is. Anyways I started blogging last December every once in a while but my iPod got stolen at a track meet so I had no way of getting on. But I bought a new iPod in July and came back here permanently. I love the KK series. I read the first one about maybe 2 years ago and was instantly hooked. Anyways my friends say that I'm fearless. Well that's a little about me. Now I gotta get ready for a thanksgiving party. I don't know of the place I'm going has wifi but if it does I'll come on here. If not... HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!
Panda- possibly when you get a chance, maybe post a couple of the chapters from the fanfic for Ridley and MaddyMazie to read.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

Oh and have a nice trip Kitcat! I might be going to DtD on Saturday.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't post the fic bc my iPad is taken away ._. well I'll post it when I get it back.
I discovered KK when I saw it on Disney 365, and Clare had them, so she let me borrow them. I fell in love with them, so not long after I finished it I begged my parents to take me to barnes and noble to buy the second one. :D that's my KK story!! Oh my frikin god my iPod touch is screwy and it took like seven minutes to write this because the letters are too small. ._. SCREW IPODTOUCHES!!
CC: Lol IPods are way better than iPads though! C:
Panda: shut up Cici >;)
CC: -_-


11:47 AM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

Watching Daniel Radcliffe perform in one of my most favorite musicals is like Christmas. Then, when he's followed by Spider-Man doing flips and singing, it's like my birthday combined with Christmas.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol, ribs 4 Thanksgiving? I don't eat pork or fish, and i only eat beef in tacos. Or whatever that stuff is...

I think I'll try 2 write a piece, but it might b a bit hard 4 me.

Lol, I was up till like 5 am watching old cartoons on youtube.

Kitcat, I think I'm gonna try 2 BEG my dad 2 take me 2 Downtown Disney 2morrow. And u might c me if u go. But if u don't, ride eter Pan 4 me. Several times. And also, Snow White and Space Mountain. And... well, ride lots of stuff. And especially Peter Pan. :) Merry birthday MaddyMayzie.

Happy Thanksgiving or whatever. :)

Princesa Jéssi

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, hi I'm Jéssica Lynn Lastnamenoneayabusiness. I'm turning 15 on Wednesday. :D I have green eyes and really dark reddish-gold hair turning brown. It's not that I don't like brown hair, it's just that I don't like brown hair on ME. I look a bit different. So instead of having an hourlong discussion about my hair, let's talk about something else.

I live about 1 1/2 hours away from Disney World. They almost bought a Six Flags here, but they decided it would b 'bad' or something. Whatever. I'm in 9th grade and I'm in Encore. It's this academy thing in my school, and my major's drama. I'll tell u more l8r but I gotta go.

<3 u guys,

Princesa Jéssi

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiiiieeeyyyy :D I'm bored
CC: me too.
Panda: Nobody cares about you, Cici.
CC: -_-


5:40 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

My KK story is that I LOVE Disney so I was looking for books to do with Disney and found this one. So that's it!! I had the regular old thanksgiving dinner.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was looking in the library last year 4 a stupid book report, and I closed my eyes and picked a book. It had a pink sticker on it that I thought was cute, so I read it, and I liked it (yes I know I'm so childish).

Princesa Jéssi

6:39 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Not really. My friend does the same thing with books. I know it's kinda early but this might be it. If it is, good night!!!!!!

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

Hey guys! I had a pretty good time at my thanksgiving party. Anyways I will put on seas w/ nemo in a little. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving!

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Yuppers! Ribs were good! Lol ahhh well do anyway, I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!!!! I just got back from the movies. We watched the Muppets!!! Lol funny....Ahh well DGirl, if Phoenix comes by looking for Jewl, sorry ahead of time. She kept freakin out in the movies so I sent her away. She mentioned Jewl on the way
Why was she freakin out? Cause she thinks my necklace is cursed -.-
Ahhh well I'm not really tired. If I can sneak the iPad away tonight, I might just post a Phoenix story plot bunny that popped into my head today! No, sorry but Phoenix isn't my main character, but she's in it! Lol it follows one of my other OCs from that series, Cody. I think he was on here once before when everyone was raising their hand to blame Julio.
@MaddyMayzie- Word of advice, always blame Julio ;)
Julio: :(

8:15 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

It's the truth. It always works when you blame Julio. That's ok. Jewl was gettin on my nerves anyway. When she got here I sent them out with a tent and a map and told them to go camping.

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Julio's easy 2 blame. He's a blame catcher. ;)

I just remember my school is having $20 headshots next week.(in case u don't know, headshots can cost like hundreds of dollars, this is really cool) On my birthday!!! :) :D

Wait a minute... cheap, quality headshot... birthday...


What if I look awful? What if I look stupid? What if I wake up late and have a bad hair day? What if I spill the 250 chocolate chip cookies I'm gonna make all over my SOLID COLORED shirt? Then I'll have a huge mess all over me AND no cookies!!! And what if-


I (gasp) just (gasp) need (gasp) to (gasp) BREATHE(GASP) SLOWLY!!!!!!

(passes out)

Yeah. I'm a bit nervous. Was it noticable?

Jéssi, Princesa of overreactively FREAKING OOOOUUUTTTT!!!

8:27 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

It was a little noticeable. It's gonna be fine though!!!!

8:41 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

It was a little noticable is Said sarcasticly

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Lol Jessi don't worry!!!!!!!!!!!! It'll be fine! ;D
Yeah, well......Phoenix and Jewl camping.....huh, this is going ta be good.... (sarcasm)
Im not tired. My dad is sick. Bc of this my new computer won't be installed as soon as I thought....I blame Julio....
Julio: -.- I really hate you right now.
Cotom: Awwww! You don't mean that!!!!
Anyways I can't surf YouTube cause I lost my headphones =.=
Hmmm.....maybe I'll post a plot bunny on here or something..........

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ik r. Life is derpin. I can't find Taurus Eyes!! D:< :(


10:35 PM  
Anonymous Cotom posting a bit of the Phoenix series starring her OC Cody so tell me what you think!!!! said...

I ran through the rainy night. I didn't know which direction I was going or my destination. All I knew is that with each step I took, I went further and further away from that horrible place. I've been stuck in foster homes my entire life and not once have I had a pleasant memory. The ony regrets I have was the fact I lefty phone charger there and that I left Allie behind. She was the only semi-decent person there that was ever kind to me, and that was only really when no one else is around. But I understood. She needed to survive in the social tower of that horrible prison. Would anyone be sent to look for me? Doubt it. She would file a missing person report, but other than that, my very non-existence there would have no difference on their lives whatsoever. They would simply turn to the next poor weak kid and forget the boy they use to torment.
So there I walked in the stormy night. The rain plastered my long blonde highlighted brown hair to my face. The only thought that occurred to me was to get out of this stupid rain. I spotted a patch of forest not too far off and headed towards it. Once under a dense area of trees and bushes so that only the tiniest amount of rain fell through, I rested. What was I going to do now? Where was I to go? Running away now felt like a stupid idea. But I couldn't go back. Not now, not ever. I rested my head back against the tree that sheltered me and closed my eyes to escape into the black abyss of my dreams. But I was interrupted by a rustle in front of me. "Who's there?" I called out nervously. Lame? Yes, but I was tired. "Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you," a small male voice said back. I detected a hint of some strange accent I couldn't identify, "Are-are you ok?" the voice called out again. "I'm fine," I simply said back. He chuckled, "Please, I know something's wrong. I am not your enemy, simply a friend who wonders if he can help." "I don't even know you!" I snapped back. Gosh for all I know, this guy could be some freaky cerial killer! "And why don't you show yourself?!" I challenged. "Oh, I beg your pardon!" he said. I heard ruarling as he went to step into the light. I gasped, for although he didn't look like a cerial killer, he wasn't even human.
Derp xP excuse sloppy writing. It's late.
Yeah I'm gonna regret posting this....

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Blah hugging *bangs head in wall* Julio look why you made me do!
Julio: Hey!
Cotom: Blah ill try again tomorrow. XP

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was good!
Mal: I concur.... Wait did that mean disagree?
Bt: no.
Mal: ok. Good. Cookies?
Bt: here *hands cookies*
Mal: YAY!!!!!!
Ps mal is maleficent from an alternate reality/timeline whose 16 and her bday is oct. 31st.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh but I posted huge bio of me and mal and shelby and all 72 other oc's. It force closed. CURSE YOU JULIO!!!!!!

11:16 PM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

We had play practice today for about an hour and I killed my performance. I think I scared the directors. Well, I am amayzing and I think it was a good idea for me to be cast as Maleficent. A friend of my, Blair, is playing Aurora. My best friend, Zach, is playing Phillip. We are having so much fun! We also have practice tomorrow, and every day of the week for about two hours. Blair and I have decided to carpool because we live in the same neighborhood.

Oh and just to tell you, my real name isn't Maddy or Mayzie. They were two roles I had in our past productions. We did The Frog Prince, and I was the princess. Then our school did Suessical and I was Mayzie la Bird. So I took my two favorite parts and made them my username.

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

@MaddyMayzie- Cool! And that's awesome that ur doing great! :)
@Btvinyl- Thanks a bunches ;) an yeah, it's all Julio's fault.
So.......yeah that beginning was a sucky beginning. Hey, cut me some slack it was midnight! Lol Ahh well. Yeah I'll post more later if I'm up or it. Derp.
I'm not a morning person =.=

8:22 AM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Cotom- I agree. I'm not a morning person either. It was great though. it is definatly Julio's fault. If he keeps doing things like that I think you know what we have to do. (evil laugh)
MaddyMazie- Awesome!!! I know you'll do great for the rest of the time. Keep having fun!

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Hehe I agree DisneyGirl!!!! ;) * evil smile* hehe
Anyway, downloading Photoshop Elements. Cs5 was too expensive and this version looks just as good :)

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Phoenix hanging with her buddy Jewl said...

Jewl: It's true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:58 AM  
Anonymous AllieDisneyGirl said...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :)

Yes, I remember that imposter thing all too well. It was terrible. I hope whoever was impostering you has stopped! Like Ridley said last time there was an issue here: that kind of behavior is OT-like; it's not for the KKs!

11:54 AM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

Gah- I had the best pie ever last night! I think I ate three pieces.

I have practice in an hour, so I won't be on 4 a while.

And in a post, someoene said something about some people not being on here anymore, and one of them was willatree? willatree is my SISTER. She's really busy right now due to acting stuff so she might come back on. Probably.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

:O shocker!! Willatree was AWEOME ;D
Hey Allie! Nice ta see ya gain! :P


12:39 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Whoa! Lol that's funny!!!!!!
Hi AllieDisneyGirl!!!!
Huh....where's Rachel!? And Amme!?
Just made my DeviantArt account! But I haven't uploaded anything yet so don't worry bout it just yet ;P
P.S. My necklace is not curse =.=

1:09 PM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

Did anyone see breaking dawn?

5:28 PM  
Blogger Amme Nietsreg said...


6:40 PM  
Blogger Amme Nietsreg said...

i is watchin the little mermaid.

**aaa aaa aaaaaaa aaa aaaa aaa aaaaaa aaaaa**
The Doctor: [opening Rose's phone] Tell you what. With a bit of jiggery pokery—
Rose: Is that a technical term, "jiggery pokery"?
The Doctor: Yeah, I got a first in jiggery pokery, what about you?
Rose: [playing along] Nah, I failed hullabaloo.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Amme Nietsreg said...

King Triton is a meanie face.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HOLA!! If we get Rachel to come back, we'll be an official reunited family! :D

I just drew an awesome looking piece of pie. IN YO ACE PIE HATERRZ! Lol. I also drew: Kora(cotoms oc Phoenix in adventure time form), ME as an adventure time character named McKenna, marceline from adventure time, Finn from advtime, a pilgrim girl, and two face-to-stomach portraited anime girls. ;) im on a roll...

I'll draw you guys next... Lol lol lol lol lol lol


7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Face not ace .-.

Screw you, typos! >:P

~panda thinks you should read Aries Rising cuz it is so _ _ _ _ _ _ _ awesome!!

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

lol cool panda! I'm photoshopping pics right now! I'll tell oyu my account name when I get some pics loaded! :D
Yay Amme!!!! You're Back!!!!!!!!
Hey I might see you on DeviantArt! ;P

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Elizb1439 said...

A comment to Ridley: Hi ridley can u email me back ASAP with your thoughts on my email? Thank you!(I sent u the email about the plot idea.)

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ELIZB IT'S KATIE C HERE! O_o would you happen to be Elizabeth Bigley?? O_o


8:03 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

....I'm guessing that's your bud from Arizona? Or am I wrong???
So guys!!! I just submitted 3 deviations. And I'm tired so more tomoorow.
If ya wanna check me out put this in your little magic website box up there:
Hey Amme, whats your account again?? I can't remember @_@

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Elizb1439 said...

Sorry im not that elizb i just emailed Ridley and wanted to ask him to try to respond soon. Sorry

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awe :P yeah eliz waz my friend from az.. .

I'll check out ur da asap!!


9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cotom, this is pure art! It's...amazing! I love the goozim and...well... All of it! If I even attempted at that, mine would have sucked! I might ramble on and on about how amazing the art um x3
It was outstandingly moving art that it brought me to tears. i have YO make a devaintart also o_o
Can you draw online? Like Disney Create? ;}

~panda ;}

9:13 PM  
Blogger Amme Nietsreg said...

I have a dA account too.
I have a drawing of a scene from KK2, but my scanner messed it up.
I do a lot of Harry Potterand Tim Burton and Disney and Doctor Who.
I also post my photography.
Will you guys check mine out too? I feel happy when my art gets over 15 views.
same on FanFic.
dA: Bellaminion
FanFic: MostLoyalBellaminion

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

@Panda- Wow...thanks! Lol there's only 3 pics and they're not THAT good! Thank you so much! That really ment a lot :')
I hope you do make one! That would be awesome! :) I draw out the pics but if you wanted to you could draw online using Photoshop pr paint i guess... I use photoshop elements......
@Amme- I'm gonna comment/fav some of your work tomorrow! I love lots of it! You can draw people so well! I can't draw people for crap! Lol

9:35 PM  
Blogger Amme Nietsreg said...

aw thanks! yeah I tried to go to your profile page but it didt work so i just commented on your tropical dragon thing. :D

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Lol you're welcome! Yeah I wonder why it's not working....I logged out and went on it and it worked fine....and it looks like panda could get into it...hmm
Stupid Overtakers!!!!

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I CAN draw people... But I'm more of a pie/adventure time artist x3 and I'm more of an author...ish... ._.


10:15 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Maybe I'll upload my ID tomorrow. Just to prove a point of how bad of ppl I am.
I can draw this really simple chibi person. Not good for much unless u wanna draw funny one panels like Danny running into a tree or something.....
Where's everyone else????

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sooooo... Would you, my fellow bloggers, do the honour of being the very first non-family members to read my novel? I can post it on FictionPress, if you like when it's finished. It's got...erm...language in it, if you will. Well, possible goodnight. So, JIC, gnight.


10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MaddyMayzie: :D I was a bird girl, and I was just in Aladdin, but I was just in the back, so all I really did that was noticable was take care of these 3 little kids and wear a flower in my hair. Oh yeah. And get hideously sick on the last day and send every minute offstage lying on the couch and almost DRINKING breathsavers mints 2 make my sorry throat feel better. Hint: being sick after oversinging and general idiotic screaming b4 the show starts 4 3 days? It's not fun.

AMME!!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!!!!!:)

I'll look at that stuff l8r. (sigh) Last day 2 stay up really l8. I didn't go anywhere or do anything 2day.

My mom never let me see Indiana Jones when I was littler, but nothing else was on, so I watched that and Pirates of the Caribbean. Those crazy movie adventurers and their silly hats...

Princesa Jés_i (hey, I added a little puzzle thingy! Hint: S)

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Hmmmm the missing letter is....S!!!!!! Lol yea I didn't do anything much today 'cept help my dad hook up the new computer..............yeah it was a lazy day :/
Panda- Sure! You bets it!!!!! Tell us when it's up! :D
Honestly, I'm not tired. Maybe I'll wait for everyone to go to bed and then search YouTube or something....I found my headphones....

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Verification word: addin
Hey! That's almost Aladdin! Lol
Verification for this post: foods

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

Cotom- Oh My Gosh! You have an AH-MAZ-ING talent for drawing. Your pictures are really great!!!
Amme- YOUR BACK!!! Yay!
Oh and you guys will never guess what I did today... I went swimming with manatees! Like wild manatees! It was SOOOOO much fun. It put me in the mood to write more of the story. So I'll Put on next part of seas with nemo now... Just gotta type it. That'll take a while.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Omigosh thank you so much!!!!!! :'D
Not that I dont appreciate it (which I do, tremendously) but I only posted 3 pictures! Lol and they're just average drawings. Just wow u guys must be really nice people...
Jk I already knew u guys were really nice people! :)
Pepper that is so cool!!!! I would love to do that! That sounds like sooo much fun! The closest I ever got to something like that was snorkeling with sharks..
Verification word: Swine =.=

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

Part 7(I think) of seas with nemo and friends
They walked until they reached an area with a 'Bruces Sub House' sign. They stopped just before entering. The smell of saltwater came from the room.
"So what exactly are we looking for," asked Panda.
"Not sure exactly. Probably hidden well," said BTvinyl.
Everyone nodded in agreement. With that they walked in the room. It felt as if a bit of mist sprayed them, as if they were entering the ocean.
"If these sharks come to life I swear..." said Cotom jokingly.
They lugged the recovered chest to the center of the room, not wanting to chance losing it. With that they searched the room. Jessi searched the floor, Kitcat searched the ceiling, Peppermint and Dgirl checked the interactive stations. Nothing. BTvinyl and Cotom searched all the signs and posters to see if they moved to reveal a hiding spot. Panda and Amme checked the light fixtures and walls. Rachel studied the chest to see of there were any more clues. Fifteen minutes of searching and still nothing.
"Guys I don't think it's in here," said Jessi.
"Maybe it's in the shark food," suggested Panda.
"Or maybe the clue is on a shark in the tank," said Amme.
"There's no way we're going back in there. Almost drowning once is more then enough." said Kitcat.
"Yeah, and how would we know which shark. I doubt it would be on a living animal," said Peppermint.
"And we're looking for a key. Not a clue," said Cotom.
"Well we can go check somewhere else. But first I want a picture with Bruce," said Rachel, pointing to the statue of the shark, its mouth open so guests could look as if inside his mouth. They each took a picture inside the the mouth until Panda said,"What's that?", pointing to a tooth on the statue.
It had a tiny symbol in it. To anyone else, it would just look like a dent but this was familiar. It was the same shape as the embroidery around the lock. They all gathered around to see. It was a perfect match.
"Something to do with that tooth might be what were looking for," said Jessi. With that, Panda reached over and tried to wiggle it loose. Stuck.
"We need something thin," said Panda.
"I have a pocket knife," said BTvinyl. He took it out and tried to get the tooth out. It didn't take much, it wasn't glued as much as the rest. BTvinyl grabbed it and yanked on it. It completely broke away, a silver chain attached. On that silver chain was a key. To be cont

12:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool. :) Wait... why does BT have a pocketknife? ;) I'd probably b the 1 who brings totally ridiculously weird things, like screwdrivers or wet wipes, or batteries or markers or something. Just in case. It's not being prepared, it's just the fact that I always overpack 4 EVERYTHING, cause I get a bit carried away. It's like, idk, I would just think of something totally ridiculous.

And I would neeed a first aid kit. For when I fall down. And run into walls. And fall up. And walk into the floor. That's really not very pretty. Why is walking forward without injury such a hard thing 2 do?...

Jéssi, Princesa of ow that hurt.

1:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have no words 4 this.

Princesa Jéssi

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cuz im a boy scout.
Btvinyl, king of pastry filled ninjas ;p

1:49 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Peppermint that was great!
Yeah I just woke up. I still haven't even got out of bed -.-
For some weird reason, I cannot sleep past 9. I always have to get up before then no matter how late I stayed up the night before. Huh, weird......
Cause I mean, I stayed up till like, two last night and here I am waking up at 7

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loool! I've stayed up till like 11 these last two nights with my doors closed and my tv at minimum volume. So, yeah, my tv is on all night.
Hey, if you want anything to do with writing or being an author(I know kitkat does! By the way, how's tailfeather coming 'long?) I suggest you read Spilling Ink. It's a handbook on authoring by Ellen Potter and Anne Mazer. It's terrific, my new favorite barely below KK. Seriously, it's that good ;)


7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh! One more thing:
We have to do book reports, so when I decided on KK4, my friend Jennifer asked if she could use the first one. I was shocked and immediately said 'yeah!!' shed read up till Wayne pushed the button for the first time, and she was all like, "NOOOO! It was just getting good! WHY DID HE HAVE TO PRESS THE BUTTON!!"
I said, "Don't worry. They go back there alot. The fob is sort of a major plotpoint in the story."
She said, "Does he press the button again!?"
I said, "Why don't you look at the last sentence. 'And he pushed the button.' It's actually the last sentence of all the books except the third one!"
I said, "But...but theyre so awesome!"(awesome being italicized)


7:46 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Loooool at least she read the first book first! Unlike the people in my bro's class...........

7:54 AM  
Anonymous CMM/Minnie Mouse said...

Hahahahahahaha! I'm so happy that Ridley has been posting more often! YAY! I'm so happy to be back! I don't know if you guys remember me since it's been months since I've posted but it's me CMM or Minnie Mouse. Hope you guys remember!

9:52 AM  
Anonymous CMM said...

I just read the earlier comments........ I FEEL SO FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


~pandaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! :DD

10:47 AM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

Wow, that fan fiction was really good. I don't think I could write like that. My talent is with acting anyways.

I started looking at Maleficent costumes and I got one online that looks exactly like the one in the Disney movie. And yesterday, Zach and I were rehearsing the scene when Prince Phillip goes to save Aurora, and I get a giant dragon puppet!! But Zach stabs me in the end. He always makes a big deal out of it. When we were practicing at my house, Zach insisted on actually using a knife to practice with. I let him use a plastic sword instead. In the end, he insisted that the performance would had been better if he got to use the knife. I told him he could use the knife to slice cheese. Then we had ham sandwiches.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Hiya Cmm!
Just uploaded some new pics. There's two Julio and Juliette ones :)

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

Awww thanks guys. Believe it or not my talent isn't writing, it's singing.
Cotom- I stayed up til 3ish last night and I'm just now waking up. So I pretty much just balance myself.(it's 1 here). Oh and to your post before the story: swimming with sharks is sooo fun. So far I've swam with: manatees, dophins, beluga whales, HUGE stingrays, wild sharks, jellyfish(not fun by the way). But manatees were one of the coolest. And coldest.
Well I will post more of the story today.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Hola!!! sorry I was gone. Check in lats got tons to do.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

Cotom- Wow! Another work of art. You have a true talent. Julio and Juliette are so adorable. And Juliette's so funny how she's just standing there.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah! They're REALLY cute ;)

~panda wished she could draw dragons... ._.

12:24 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

They are adorable!!!

1:25 PM  
Anonymous brynleybell1638 said...


1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uhhhh No offense here but who's brynleybell1638?? o_o

~panda o_o

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Awwww thanks everyone! :) that means a lot! :D
My bros guitar teacher just threatened him with death... (jokingly of course :P) looool
Erm, I'm with Panda who's that? Lol.
Panda was it you that came up with Juliette's name?? Or was that someone else

2:26 PM  
Blogger Amme Nietsreg said...

i think she's brynly from the KK singers video. ya know, brynly and taylor who sang that KK parody of a taylor swift song? it was a while ago, and the viedo part was screwed up.
:O word verif: pimplab
um...... that gives me bad images in my head....

2:34 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

I think panda and I came up with it. I don't really know though. Yawn. Back to more homework. Check back again lats.

2:51 PM  
Blogger Princesa JéssicaLynn said...

Holy kaflipidtyfloo!!!

My mom just downloaded KK2, and it has SIXTY-TWO chapters!!! That's like, double the last 1!!!

I wasn't really expecting that. Oh well. I guess that just means I'll have 2 spend more time on my book report than cleaning up after Jenn. Maybe she'll finally have 2 clean something herself 4 once...

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol! I just finished typing and revising my book report............
yeah i came up with Juliette :P


3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dad dangled a new phone in front of me thinking my contract was up next month, then told me in august.... My phone SUCKS!!!! sadness.....
Btvinyl king of sad sad ninjas....

3:40 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

:( I'm sorry!! Yawn. Homework is done. Now I have nothing to do. Sigh.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

Blair and Zach failed in the whole True Love's kiss thing. Blair slammed into his skull after "waking up". Now we have an hour break, then two more hours of rehearsal. Then I have freedom.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Lol. I would probably fail as well. Mostly cause I fail whenever I act anyway but true love's kiss would be an epic fail.

6:29 PM  
Blogger Princesa JéssicaLynn said...

I spent half my dinner picking little pieces of bacon out of my quesadilla. (sigh)

Y'know, it's like Chilli's puts bacon in a blender or something.

8:26 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

I've never been to Chilli's before. Is it good? I spent my dinner eating homemade pizza made by yours truly. :)

9:00 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Where'd everyone go?? G'night!

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Cotom checking in real fast said...

Hi! Just came back from the movies! Can't really talk both my parents are sick....

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! What movie did you see? Oh and is BT or Rachel going to see MaxR in 2013?? And who's seeing the Hunger Games!! I might see it at my bday sleepover, and if not we'd see the Lorax. ;P

@jessi: yeah chillis is gross...well it had bad service too xD

8:29 AM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

I will probably see hunger games. I didn't read them though. Yawn. I'm bored and don't want to go to school tomorrow

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Me neither DGirl!
I saw Arthur Christmas xP
It was....ok....
Blahhhh my bro stole the computer. I was only able to upload a profile pic for my ID.
I don't care for the way it looks but it works I guess.... :/

11:39 AM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

I know this is off topic but how much do laptops cost? I want to buy one but don't know if I have enought money.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if you're leaning roasted the big-ticket laptops like a MacBook pro, probably around $1200.


1:34 PM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

Thank god I don't have practice today!! And has anyone seen Super 8? I have no clue what it is.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Well that's good! No, no idea what it's about but ive heard of it....
I honestly don't know how much they cost sorry :(

2:00 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

I was thinking of a mini laptop. Anyone know about those?
Cotom- That's ok!! Going to see a movie. Check in lats.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, around $300. :D
OMG GUYS!! look up:
I Just Wasted 10 Seconds of your Life Reliant K
It's so funny!
I...just wasted... Ten seconds of yeooouuur lyfe!


2:48 PM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

I am eating jellybeans right now, but Blair is stealing them all!!

Blair says hi.

3:49 PM  
Blogger kingdomkeepers! said...

hii everyone! lol i just got back from florida to see family! but im back! and im sick... which sucks, but its not gonna bring me down! anywaysssss that about it actually!
@MaddyMayzie: hiii nice to meet you lol

@panda: yes, i definitely am going to see Maximum Ride in 2013 and probably seeing Hunger Games lol just cause of Josh Hutcherson ;)

4:02 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

You should meet my sister. She has so many pics of him on her iPad. You would get along well with her. I just saw Hugo. It was pretty good. Has anyone ever read the book?

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ooh SO with you on the Josh hutcherson thing! Gotta love him Dx but he ends up dying, from what I gather.

Spoilers over!
I'm currently reading it. It's violent. But im a violent person so I'm good. :P.
I'm also going to see the Lorax, just because I did a readers theatre on it in az in forth grade. :P two of the people I hate most(cuz I'm a hater. Don't be offended if yer a lover): Zac Efron and Taylor Swift. Screw them, but I'm seeing it anyway.

~panda x3

6:45 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

G'night everyone!! See you in the morning!

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Yuppers it was rainy, cold, it would've been the perfect day to finish coloring my portfolio and post it. But I only finished one pic Bc it seemed like today was the day everyone was on the computer lol. Ahhhh well school tomorrow :/. Derp. But oh well............
To be honest I'm just waiting for my mom to go downstairs so I can draw in bed.............. :/
Not tired, just had some powerade
I love powerade......

8:40 PM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

I officially hate Zach

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you hate zach, maddy?

~panda <3s Bridget mendler's new Xmas song

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A songfic of me and Chris <3
You don't have to read it o.o

My heart's a stero,
As in, I'd love to sing in front of him
It beats for you so listen close,
I'd write a million songs for you Dx
Hear my thoughts in every no-o-ote,
Is it obvious I'm crushing on you?
Make me your radio,
Will you accept me? Will you take me under your wing? Turn me up when you feel old,
If youre gloomy, don't forget I'm around |:'3
This melody was meant for you,
And no one else,
To sing along to my stereo!
I love you, Chris. ;)


9:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh noes xD me and BT are more alike than I thought o_O


9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umm yeah...
Sad day...
Last of vacation...
Btvinyl who doesn't get what pandy means...
+ I hate Zach too!!!

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Verification code: ducknoni
A duck with no knees?

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol we're both 'hopeless romantic...' ._. I feel like writing. Im gonna go type some crap in Notes or Pages. Cya.


9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL look at this!;

You deserve a bunny.
( )_( )
(") (")
(") (")
I made it up from the body down xD

~panda :P

3:20 AM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Panda-You are more like BT than I thought!!!!
Cotom- ugh!! I know!! It wouldn't stop raining all day!! it runed my mood!!
I don't want to go to school today. The only reason I can bear it is cause I'm gonna give the gifts I got my friends when I was in Florida.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Wahhh I forgot the B-Day gift for Jazzy hat I got in Florida...oh well tomorrow!
Blah I don't wanna do my hw. I've got a lot though. But I shouldn't complain...cause one subjec is a cartoon and he other is easy definition and typing stuff. Just a lot of def typing stuff :/
I wanna draw. But I can't. Cause if I start drawin I won't finish my hw. But I have a cute Platyborg design in mind.... Ahhh well motivation to get my hw done faster I guess.....
Good luck BT! ;)
Panda- love te bunny!

3:15 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Yeah!! You can do it!! Are you going to post it on DA?

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Finn273 said...

This may be the motivation I need to finish my own trailer! I'll post it here whenever I do!

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

BT- oooh that sucks. Good luck anyways.
Panda-I love your bunny.
Rachel-what part of Florida were you in?
I will try to post more of the story(possibly last part) of seas with nemo and friends. Just finalizing some details.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


( )_( )
(") (")
(") (")

~panda xD

5:55 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Yay! I can't wait to read more!! I love it!

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

( )_( )
(") (")
(„) („)
Btvinyl who still didn't read...

6:10 PM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

I hate Zach because he took all the jellybeans.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Jellybean stealer......
DGirl- Yuppers! When I get to it! :) Lots of hw today so I wasn't able to get it done but tomorrow I'm planning on uploading Julio and Juliette bios and the cute Platyborg. Hopefully the teachers will be nice and I won't have much homework! :)
Panda- Yaay! Bunny!!!!!
BT- What book u gotta read?
Pepper- Can't wait go read!

7:29 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Ugh. I can't believe anyone would do that....... >:(
Cotom- Ok. Take your time. Just wonderin.....
Well this might be it so if it is good night!!!

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

It. Reseted. All I'm gonna say. So mad right now.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Cotom- Have you seen Pheonix or Jewl since they went camping?

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

Part 8 of seas with nemo and friends.
BTvinyl held up the key so everyone could see. It was silver and had Mickey ears engraved into it. He then passed it around so everyone could examine it. When Dgirl had her turn, she exclaimed "Look! There's a WD in the Mickey ears,". Sure enough a small WD was engraved in classic Disney print. "Walt Disney!" she continued. After a few minutes of examination, Amme said,"Lets open the chest,".
"Not here. Not with all the Overtakers lurking," said Panda.
"We could go to one of the conference rooms. It would be a lot safer than out in the open," said Peppermint.
"Yeah. I remember where one is from my tour," said Kitcat. They all agreed to go. Cotom and Rachel grabbed the chest and Kitcat led the way. She led down a few hallways and then to a door. She tried to open it. Locked.
"It's locked you guys," said Kitcat.
"That means someone has to..." started Cotom.
"Go all clear," they all whispered. They had all been practicing but nobody had gotten it down completely yet. The most steady, however, was Rachel, the most peaceful one there. She had once gone for a full minute while the rest were somewhere around 20 seconds.
"Let me see. I got this," said Rachel. She closed her eyes and did exactly as she had read it in the books. She felt the tingling sensation overcome her. She walked right through
the door. Now on the other side, she snapped back when she heard the sound of a Segway. It was coming from the other side of the door.
"Hurry up!" said Peppermint.
"Test track dummies," said Dgirl. Rachel found the key on a hook and fumblued to unlock the door. Finally unlocked she swung it open, only to have the rest come stampeding in. A dummy was following them. Rachel slammed the door, the dummy crashing. Silence.
"That was close," said Cotom. She lifted the chest onto the large table and everyone took a seat.
"Shall we see what's inside?" asked BTvinyl. He removed the key from his pocket and unlocked the chest. The clicking of the lock symbolized a triumphant night for them. He removed the lock and opened the chest. Dust came flying out. Everyone got up and gathered round. On the top was a picture. It was Walt Disney and... Wayne! He looked much younger. Less stressed. Amme pointed out the pen sticking ou of Walts jacket pocket. Under the picture was a piece of paper. It had the stonecutters quill written on it. It was addressed to Wayne Kresky, following the fable said you'll know when and who to share this. Wayne had written back 'How will I know'. Walt wrote back' you'll know.' On another note, it again was addressed to Wayne. It contained 'mrs. Peters pen' and Walt again saying 'Wayne, you'll know when and who.'. The kids smiled. That's the mission they were on now. Suddenly they all encountered a realization: this was Walts personal chest. They continued searching until they got to a box. It was small, black, and shiny, not dust like all the other items. It had a V engraved on the top. Panda jotted it down. BT opened the box, reavaling a small piece of a pen. The pen. Only a part, though.
"We need to put this somewhere safe," said cotom.
"The whole chest. Let's call Wayne," said Dgirl. She got her phone out and began to call. As they were closing the chest, Rachel noticed something. On the inside of the chest, engraved was a quote. "All our Dreams can Happen If we have the courage to persue them,"-WD.
"DHI." whispered Kitcat. "We dreamed of becoming one. Look where we are now," she said, pointing to the box containing the pen piece.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

WOW!!! I love the sudden twist!! Suspenseful!!! Really good night this time!

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


~panda o.o

6:22 AM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

Omg I loved that chapter!!!!!! When r we gonna see some OTs.

My school is so weird. My class only has ten students and we start the eigth grade classes at 9:30, but before that, we have electives. I take Home Ec., Drama III, French, and around 1:30 on Wednsdays, my class has unsupervised study.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

Great!!!!! Omigosh wonderful pepper!!!!!!!!!!
We really should post the rest of the fanfic on here. The stuff that's already written I mean, so we can organize them. I know some parts are missing so we need to see what exactly so we can add those in. And we need to edit what we already have.
Yay! Finished all my hw already! Now I'm off to draw and update! :D
Perfect day too it's cold and rainy!

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

Yeah I definatly agree, Cotom. We should post it all on T-day since we have like 30 something chapters already and there's not many comments left on this one
Maddymazie,Cotom,Dgirl,Panda-thanks for the compliments it means a lot.
Panda- did you get the iPad back yet? When you do please post the story.
Once the story's posted we'll see what we'll need from there.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

You're welcome!! it's really true!

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes my iPad is back! UNFORTUNATELY...
We have to go to a tree lighting, and we have people coming over at 5:30...
AND i have to finish my book report project. *sigh...* well... all i need to do is the cover and glue the pics on....

~panda will do her best to post the fanfic on T-Day!

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Cotom said...

You're welcome Pepper! You are a great writer! :)
Panda that's fine! YOu can take your time. :)
I was washing the dishes with my bro and my younger bro walked by as I was twirling the towel and it accidently hit him in the eye. He started BAWLING. Ok, it hit him on the back and the edge swung aroung into his eye. And he wouldn't stop crying! I was like, Ohmigosh enough already!!!
Sorry but I needed to get that out. He cries over everything! And he wrestles with his friend all the time and never sheds a tear. -_____-

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

heyyyyyyy guys I'm back! I'll revise, reread, and reedit as I post the fic on T-Day! :D so expect them to be there in a few!
@cotom: yeah kids can be SO annoying...and thank you for understanding.


7:31 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Are we moving to there or just posting the fanfic on there?

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

Dgirl- good question. I was wondering that too. How bout we move to the one UNDERNEATH T-DAY so that way we can have the story all in order. Either that or we put the story on the one underneath.
Panda- thanks for doing that!
Cotom- Thanks! And I hate it when people do that stuff. My sister pulls crap like that all the time. She always is such an exaggerator. (is that even a word. If not... BOOM! It is now... Take that autocorrect) Goodnight possibly.

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

?? xD it's on tday ;P


8:00 PM  
Anonymous Peppermint said...

Thankyou panda! Your amazing for doing this. Now really goodnight

8:11 PM  
Blogger Disneygirl said...

Ok. I think we should do the one under it. A bit of the story is up already. Oh also, nighty night!!! :P

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


~panda isn't tired at all -_-

8:57 PM  
Anonymous MaddyMayzie said...

How do you become a cyber keeper?? It sounds really cool

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh it was a name from the good old days.... *sigh...* seven of the bloggers would be the seven keepers; each would act as their character and post in their character's name. it sounds pointless, BUT...
their job was to protect the blog from any OTs that drop by. they handle the situation until the OT is gone. recently, we had a blogger named
DUN DUN DUNNN....Name/URL. He swore and swore to eight-nine year old kids and insulted KK. we had some pretty looooonnnng feedback. eventually, he got bored of it because everyone threatened to email Ridley (and they did!) to get him gone. all the other cks quit over time, and now I'm the only frequent one that checks everyday that didn't really quit. the original leaders restarted it, and I became Ariel! well, that's our story!


6:17 AM  
Anonymous panda forgot to add something! said...

the original cks didn't deal with name/URL; this generation did. well...some of them.

6:18 AM  

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